$1000 Game build, first time

Okay so I need a little help getting a good build and doing it at a decent enough cost. This seems like the place to get good advice.

So all of my stuff needs to be Canada-shipping friendly, so I've been sticking to and memory express. I'd really prefer memory express in case of returns, in-store seems much simpler than online, but newegg seems to be cheaper in some cases.

I'm looking to buy everything sometime next month, and priorities go in order of: Gaming (SC2, FF XIV), school (lots of windows open simultaneously, loads quick), and typical music/web/chat time wasting. Not planning to overclock, unless it could be a really big discount, I'd rather have the longevity and less stress. And lastly, a nice quiet system would be great, but something I am willing to sacrifice for a lower cost.

Anyways, here is where I am so far. (These first few I'm pretty confident in, I'll probably go cheaper with the i5 processor and just hope I'm lucky with the HD)

OS - Win7

Processor - Intel i5-750
(whats the difference between 750 and 750S?)
The real question here is upgrading $100 more to the i7, the 930
or the 860
because I plan to play FF XIV, and what the recommended setup seems to say is that it will support the hyper-threading of the i7.

Video Card - Nvidia GTX 460 1G non-SLI
After reading the review on here, this ones a no-brainer, but I do want room for a possible SLI later

Hard Drive - just looking for a dependable 1TB drive, probably 7200 RPM
Question here is just looking for a good deal, and a dependable manufacturer (from reviews seems like 1 out of every 5 people just go through hell with DOA drives)

Case - something that fits an ATX board and 1 CD/DVD drive, at least 2 HD and is cheap

Monitor - large screen 24"(ish) not sure about resolution, I'm open to suggestion, not really worried about image quality for games, more just large screen for productivity


Motherboards confuse me but heres what I think I've figured out
P55 (probably an 1156 socket, depending) 3xPCIe slots ATX
I have no idea which board/manufacturer is really going to be better or worse, or little details I'll be missing, like ram speed, which brings me to

RAM - DDR3, but no clue which speed would make a difference, should I aim to save $ or sacrifice for quality?
As well, is 4G (2x2) enough?

Powersupply - Planning for i5, SLI GTX 460s, and 2 HDs, how much is enough? should I save now and just settle for one that could handle non-SLI?
**from rereading this myself, I need to save money more, so I'm probably going the route of the i5, non-SLI, and less expensive ram/MotherB, and won't be upgrading for a long time, in the measure of a year, or 3. So judge by that.

And just fyi, I plan to use the third slot PCI for a wifi card, I know its ridiculous but where I'm living getting a cord in here would be complicated.

So really the last thing to keep in mind is I'm aiming to keep this build under $1000, realistically I'm going to been cutting it close even with the i5. So any help is appreciated!

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  1. The Core i5 750S has a lower TDP and stock clock speed than the i5 750. It runs at 2.40 GHz instead of 2.66 GHz, and has a TDP of 82W instead of 95W.

    The i7 860 isn't a bad choice, if FFXIV can use HTT.

    This is a faster and pretty reliable HDD.

    For your motherboard, I recommend the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro.

    RAM-wise, 4 GB should be enough, there isn't a noticeable difference between 1066 MHz and 1333 MHz RAM. Anything will suit really, this is good:

    For the PSU you'll need 650W for SLI - in reality it uses around 500W, but to be safe I'd be best to get a 650W PSU, the Corsair HX650W is what I recommend.
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    CPU/MOBO-combo deal - If you hit the sale banner and scroll to bundles it's $319.99 Deals&promoid=1021
    MOBO-pricematch at NCIX
    RAM-Lots of good ram on sale/speed/ timings/price is up to you
    If you find something cheaper elsewhere just pricematch it at NCIX
  3. Well all the newegg links seem to go straight back to the homepage, so that's kind of annoying, even mine do.

    The NCIX mobo+proc deal doesn't support SLI and I was really aiming to go with the NVidia card. I'm guessing the Newegg combo was the Gigabyte board with the i5, that ones doesn't support SLI either, which is really disappointing. The other links help alot, especially the cases. And the tip that NCIX price matches, I probably never would have noticed, thanks!

    One big question though, what is the difference between modular and non-modular PSUs? I also didn't find anything on the "12V rails" related to them, is that something I wouldn't have to worry about?

    The tip on the RAM really helps, thanks. But again, newegg links just default to homepage so... The motherboard looks really good though, I'm still undecided if I should go bugdet and just forget SLI altogether, since it seems to really cut down cost if I do. I'll probably be happy with just a single card system. But if I do spend the extra that MOBO is probably the one I'd get.
  4. Hi! just right click open on links that don't work.
    Some SLI boards.
    A modular psu allows you to add only the cables you need for your build.
    Better cable management and airflow is the benefit over a regular psu which will leave you with a mass of cables to deal with.
    My other links weren't combo's at newegg but the same mobo Lmeow recommended which is a very good one.
    I own the ram Lmeow recommended but it's unavailable at NCIX at the moment.
    The ones i linked are similar in performance and just as good.
    I don't think you really need a sli mobo as long as you get one that does x8/x8 like the Asus E-PRO you'll be fine.
    DVD-don't know if you need one
    HSF-Great cooler cheap
    I recommend this ram it isn't tall and won't interfere with HSF install.
  5. AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition Heka 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Processor HDZ720WFK3DGI - OEM
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  7. Okay I think I've found out enough to know exactly what I want, thanks for your help Davcon and Lmeow. You definitely made it a lot easier for me.
  8. Jack_Cookie said:
    Okay I think I've found out enough to know exactly what I want, thanks for your help Davcon and Lmeow. You definitely made it a lot easier for me.

    Thanks for selecting me ! i'm glad i could help.
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