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Hitachi CML174SXW 17" TFT Monitor

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
December 31, 2002 4:26:28 PM

i have got a ?, has anyone purchased one of these monitors in the past week or so(Hitachi CML174SXW 17" TFT Monitor ), i just want to find out if they are anygood because i am considering buying one this week( can they handle the lastest games)
December 31, 2002 4:35:02 PM

Look around the flat panels section @ the posts, you'll find people are very satisfied w/ em.

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December 31, 2002 9:43:44 PM

I have had mine for over a month. Love it! Colorful, bright and yes...FAST! It lives up to the hype. Worth it in every way. I am a casual gamer and also encode home movies to mp2 and burn my own DVD's. Works well with video, as well.

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December 31, 2002 11:54:49 PM

your review just sold me dude! just a few more questions..

How does that text look.. everybody is concerned with the Response time... how does the overall quality of text and color look? also, is the menu easy to operate on the monitor, and also can you change the Angle of the monitor, as in Up or down... or like side to side, with out moving the base? also, how are the angles.. even tho i'll be looking straight onto it.. just curious

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January 1, 2003 2:40:41 PM


The overall text quality is very good. Also, color is VERY colorful. As far as angles. You can move it up and down easily without moving the base. The side to side is not done without moving the base. The menu is very easy to use. In digital mode...the only controls are brightness and a few others. Digital is very clear looking. In analog there is sharpmess, color adjustment, brightness etc. Four buttons...two on the right for going up and down the menus and two on the left for going up and down the settings. No more difficult than any other monitor, I imagine.
January 1, 2003 6:10:33 PM

Hi, i have the monitor now for about a week and i love it all the way. It's an excellent monitor.

I one the reasons i orderd it was because of the many positiefs reviews on this forum, thnx guys ;) 

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January 2, 2003 2:42:38 AM

yeah i think im deff going with this monitor.. Which place did you guys get your's from..?

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January 2, 2003 6:35:18 AM

Ok I bought mine from i can't wait to get my new system up and running

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January 3, 2003 11:53:52 AM


Oh wow they are also cheaper

Is THG Slightly Slacking??