Ati hdmi output audio is not installed

we just baught an graphics card for my comp and we put it inthen did some updates from vista and now we have no sound and it says that we have no sound driver but it says we do ?? what do i do to fix this cus i need my sound back
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  1. I'm Running XP SP2. Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard with a 3G P4, Audigy 2 Platinum (model 0240). Installed Gigabyte HD 4650. No sound over the HDMI? I have sound out of sound card and in games. Looks like this is a common problem. Should I just live with this?
  2. Go to control panel 'SOUND OPTION". Select ATI HDMI as default playback. The audio will go to your HDMI port.
  3. Option not there.
  4. If the option is not present, that means the device is not not installed (drivers most likely missing). Go to ATI and download the drivers and install them. Windows Update may also detect the missing drivers as well and install for you. Once installed leon2006 is spot on if you want your audio to go over HDMI.
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