Pus for system

whis a good power supply for this build

thermaltake v9 black edition gamer case

gigabyte ga-p43-es3g

core 2 duo wolfdale 2.93ghz e7500

pny geforce 240 gt 240 512mb

seagate 750gb 7200 rpm

lg dvdrom cdrw sata odd

adata g series 4gb(2 x 2gb)

i need a good psu that will work now but let me overclock my cpu int the future

ill also be adding a cheap raid card just for raid 0 probably and a nother hdd and odd and maybe four more gigs of ram

also is there a bottleneck in my system that anybody would like to point out i have all of the money saved to buy it but i want to buy it all at once so i am waiting for a psu suggestion.
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  1. as is, a 400w+ from corsair, antec, seasonic, ocz, silverstone will power that PC easily.
    the corsair 430w or antec EW 430w would be two good choices


    the GT240 is a very power efficient card but at the same time not very powerful for modern games. what resolution do you game at?
  2. Personally i wouldn't put money to such an old system for a new build
  3. well i dont like how the core i series are going to be locked and intel will make your graphics card a bottleneck and plus ill add a core 2 quad to it after a while and it will be just fine most macs are using core 2 duos anyways and its just for a hackintosh for my studio
  4. Well you'll be more likely to find an i series at a reasonable price in a year or 2 years.and apple has stopped using core series this year.
  5. they stopped using them in imacs i know they introduced the i3s and i5s meaning that people have not made them very stable for a hackintosh so right now this makes me content especially since i hace room for upgrade

    its mostly im going to use intel until the day they slow down my nvidia graphics card

    btw does that corsair have a lot of cables and how long are the cables?
  6. http://www.corsair.com/products/cx430/default.aspx

    this is from a review on the de-activated 400w unit. I would assume the cables are basically the exact same.

    "All wires are 18 AWG, which is the correct gauge to be used. All cables are very long, measuring 23 5/8” (60 cm) between the power supply and the first connector on the cable, and then 6” (15 cm) between each connector on the cable on cables that have more than one connector. So you can easily install it inside a full tower case."
  7. the antec neo 400 is almost the same as the corsair cx 400.i do believe there is a promo on the 430 ea


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