I7-930 vs i7-860?

I'm a video editor and am looking at upgrading my machine. I'm currently deciding between the i7-930 with the X58 board and the i7-860 with the P55 board. I'm aware of the 'future-proof' issue of the X58, and wanted to go that route, but have been advised by someone who supplies these machines that the 930/X58 configuration has shown to have problems. Is this true? Knowing that it will be used for editing, particularly HD, which setup would you advise I buy?
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  1. x58 for future proof
    or for even more future proof look for a phenom ii x6 config
    cause amd is going to release a new processor called bulldozer in the next year or so

    and might i ask what problems does the x58 one have??
  2. For video editing, I'd go for X58. Easier for RAM (I think) which is triple channel.

    I don't think there are any real issues on 930+X58 if you get the right components.
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