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Can any one recommend graphics settings for metro 2033 i have a 275 gtx and cant seem to get smooth frame rates. what is a lower setting AAA or MSAA 4x? as for the rest of the settings just looking for recommendations
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  1. Metro isn't very well optimized,even the best setups can't handle it fine with all options maxed out.
    With a GTX 275 you can play it fine on high settings and also use DX9,because the difference between DX9 and 11 isn't huge; furthermore, DX9 will give your more FPS.
    What resolution do you play at ?
  2. i also have a 30 inch monitor thats why i like the high res also i have the 275 with a 8800 gts as the dedicated physx card
  3. i like to play at max res if i can 1900x1200 im currently using dx 10 but atm i was trying to get it to run on very high with lower res but im not sure what is going to be better higher res with lower quality or lower res higher quality
  4. u many see the theread of mine
    i really have the problem of the FPS ....
  5. hmmm huge forum on the debate about dx 9/10/11 on how minimum the change is ima see what 1900x1200 with dx 9 acts like for frames
  6. I don't think it's fair to call this game 'unoptimized' considering it is the BEST looking game made to date, and is still playable on high end systems, albeit hovering a little over 30 fps. And yes, I know from personal experience.
  7. No need to post 4 replies,you could have posted them all in one reply.
    Well on 1920x1200,i think you have to lower the settings in order to get a good FPS.
    And to annisman,its graphics sure look stunning but the FPS isn't fine.I did lots of search on this game for the FPS,and found out that turning off Tessellation would give users a noticeable boost.
    With my 5970 and everything maxed out,(DX11 + 16xAF)i got 20-30 FPS on avg,but as soon as i turned off tessellation i got about 50FPS.
  8. Well yes, I noticed the exact same results Maziar you are correct, what I am saying is that once you turn that single feature off, it is very playable once again and still the best looking game out there. So, not officially 'maxed out' but so very close that I think we can count it.
  9. Yes,but it could be more optimized though,I hope they release a patch or something for it
  10. Yeah, it's surprising no performance based patches have come out yet, I will agree with that, even ATI hasn't mentioned Metro in any of their last few driver releases. So I wonder if we are stuck with Vanilla game and drivers.
  11. I know this is off topic, but in your opinions is metro 2033 a good game?, worth purchasing?

    Will my setup run it at 1920 x 1080 on high with tess and DoF off no AA?

    (Didn't think it was worth starting a new thread for).
  12. Well,most of the story line is in the metro so its pretty dark,but IMO its a good game.
    And yes a 5850 can handle it fine
  13. Good stuff, thanks for your input.

    I'm sold :D
  14. One of the best games I have played...regardless of graphics.
  15. This game doesn't need the 4x MSAA setting as it's already running a decent AA with the AAA setting. I would have to think a 275 could run it decently at High, definitely medium DX10.

    And FYI, crossfire 5850s running average 51 fps with Very High DX11. Certian scenes drop a bit (not often) it's almost always 50+ even in the outdoor areas. The biggest performance hit I've seen is from sun rays (one room in the library was 25fps but as soon as I went to the next room went back up to 50+)

    PS: This game is epic. I love it.
  16. so which would be better dx 9 at very high or dx 10 at medium? i still notice a frame drop in dx 9 but then again im still trying to get it to run 1900x1200 on very high still in the mid 30 fps also in dx 9 you can turn the aaa off well actually it does it for you
    also i only post 3 times lol i forgot to just edit it.......
  17. Well no AA vs AAA vs 4xMSAA, no AA will be noticeable, but AAA to 4xMSAA not so much. The difference between DX9 and DX10 isn't all that much, just a little eye candy extras. The textures are what really matter tho... just try DX9 and the highest detail you can get. Not sure why you need to ask tho, you can easily get a program like FRAPS to show on screen FPS... then just tweak until they're where you want them.
  18. lol i do use fraps how else would i know i get 30fps? now if i over clock this 275 would that help at all or no? plus at overclockers club they dont have a review for the evga 275
  19. Overclocking will help, yes. How much is hard to say as not all cards can overclock equally well.
  20. MSI Afterburner works although on my GT240 it doesn't seem to let me tweak the fan speed. But it does fine with core and mem speeds. Not really sure what other Nvidia tweaking apps are out there, I did almost all my research for my 5850s.
  21. lalright thank you but one fine question any one know of a good performance monitor for nvida i cant find one the only way ive been able to see if they are active is by temp
  22. yeah same here i just upgraded from a 4870 1gb to the 275 and a 8800 gts as my physx card seems to be doing pretty good
    if you have the g15 there is an ati lcd monitor for it let me know if u need the link
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