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I currently have 12 gb of ram, I purchased a 6gb kit recently, and was wondering if I should return the 6gb kit for a ssd. If you say I should get an ssd could you recommend me on from Also how many gb should I get if I go with an ssd? I mainly use my computer for gaming. Thank you :)

Ohh yeah and if I purchased then new ssd do you guys know any free program I could use so I can select the files I want to transfer from my old hdd to my new ssd such as my windows 7 OS.
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  1. You should keep the RAM. JUST KIDDING!

    The SSD improves boot times, load times, and a little other stuff for games installed on it.

    So you are going to want to do a fresh install of your OS on the SSD, and re-install your important games to it. You'll need a 60GB disk or more.

    What PC are you using?
  2. TwoBoxer has confirmed everything nicely.. However, keeping into account that any hard drive operates best with a recommended 20% free space, the 60GB capacity sounds rather restrictive and bare minimum.. Get the largest capacity possible..
  3. im using a custom built pc and ahha thnx for the funny reply
  4. Well, for that configuration I'd recommend a
  5. it really depends on what you're doing with the computer. Ultimately I'd have both, but if you're not doing anything that will make use of the 12GB then there's no point having it so swap out for a SSD.

    OCZ Vertex 2s look nice at the moment.
  6. ok I got the ssd but I have trouble installing the os and finding out which files to keep on my hard drive and which to keep on my ssd
  7. You don't split anything.

    Install the OS on your SSD and store all your documents, downloads and whatnot on the other hard drive.

    Do a fresh install of Windows 7 on the SSD with the other hard drive unplugged for now so you know Windows is installed and running well. Then plug the other hard drive back in to get your files off - everything's laid out pretty simply with Windows 7, so go through everything in your personal folder (it'll be inside the "Users" folder on the root of the hard drive) and move your documents into a new folder.

    Once you're sure you ave everything you can just delete all the old Windows files off that drive.
  8. wait what? so I just use the ssd for windows 7? I don't want to do that. Im asking which files to store on ssd and which to store on my hdd.
  9. chubiboi said:
    wait what? so I just use the ssd for windows 7? I don't want to do that. Im asking which files to store on ssd and which to store on my hdd.

    OK, so I'm confused. What exactly is it you want to do? Surely the whole point of getting an SSD is to use it as a boot drive? Putting your OS, applications and games on the SSD will give you a massive boost in system performance. Using the SSD for anything else is just a waste of money.
  10. ok sorry I didnt make myself so clear. I installed the ssd with windows 7, but I'm having trouble knowing which files to install on hdd and which to install on my ssd. I know I install games on my ssd, but what else?
  11. Either nothing else, or anything that would benefit from a speed boost, depending on how you look at it.

    Treat the SSD as a super-fast read device, so anything that does substantially more reading than writing (OS, applications, games, etc.) would go on the SSD.

    So, what else do you have that you're undecided on?
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    On the SSD, just install the OS and all your programs which includes games, utilities, tools, applications...etc.). ON the hard drive store your data/downloads/multimedia...etc. And for gaming 6GB is more then enough...4GB is actually the gaming standard for today so you have plenty. As for my personal preference, i'd love 12GB of ram so I can run a few extra VM's and apps, but that will be an upgrade i'll do very soon. But if gaming is your main concern 6GB is perfect. So get the SSD.
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