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CPU won't stay connected to Wireless Network

My desktop will not stay connectd to my secure wireless internet. When it is connected it shows only one bar of connectivity. My laptop; in the same location as the desktop, shows VERY GOOD connectivity. I have a Linksys wireless N USB network adapter connected to my CPU with the antena up high; the light is on. The internet just disconnected on the CPU again; I hit "repair" connection AGAIN and now it is working. HELP! What can I do to rectify the situation? Thanks
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    Since you get a good signal on the laptop, the problem isn't with the router. I assume you have doublechecked to make sure your desktop is indeed connecting to your router and not some neighbor's by mistake.

    Sounds like either you need to replace your USB wifi adapter or maybe its in a dead zone (like the metal case or other objects are shielding it from the router). I'd first try reorienting the desktop and see if that helps, since that's cheaper than buying a new USB adapter.
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