Corsair vs. GSkill when priced the same

These three sets of RAM are all priced the same right now so it would seem that I can pick from the better of the manufacturers. I know that GSkill gets a lot of love here because of their price but when you get to just pick from manufactures who do you prefer?
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  1. If using on a Sandy Bridge then I'd choose the Corsair Vengeance. It's more a reliability issue, the performance is a toss-up.
  2. I like both, so a toss-up.
    jaquith may be correct in that corsair maybe more reliable. I think they use micron chips, Have support as I have 200 shares of micron stock (LOL). In the Past I've always used corsair because of reliablity and compatability.

    That said, for my I5-750 I switched to Ripjaws and find them to be excellent. I have bought 4 sets, at different times, - 2 2x2 DDR3-1600 CL7 @ 1.6 V and 2 2x4 sets also DDR3-1600, CL7 @ 1.6 V. The 2 gig modules ar CL 7,7,7,7 while the 4 gig moduls are CL 7,8,7,7. Have not had a bit of trouble going from: 1 2x2 (4 gigs) -> 2 2x2 (8 gigs); to 1 2 x 4 + 1 2 x 4 (12 gigs - note worked fine even though timing was slightly diff; and finally to 2 2x4 (16 gigs).

    ??? you said same price, was that for the same CL and voltage ratings?

    jaquith, maybe wrong but if he is buying 3 sets (6 sticks) and If for the same computer, I don't think it is for SB as I could not find a P/H67 MB that supported more than 4 sticks.
  3. I realize the G.SKILL set linked is not the Ripjaws X, and I'd be willing to bet the linked G.SKILL's have a different IC. However, for the past 2~3 weeks there have been too many bad G.SKILL Ripjaws 'X' sticks for me to ignore. So until I see the problem(s) turn around I've been on the Corsair side of the fence. Prior to the reports I was only recommending the G.SKILL with SB...

    On the X58 I always preferred the Dominator, AMD G.SKILL & Kingston. Mushkin are good as well. In any case, the series of each is most important.
  4. RetiredChief said:
    jaquith, maybe wrong but if he is buying 3 sets (6 sticks) and If for the same computer, I don't think it is for SB as I could not find a P/H67 MB that supported more than 4 sticks.

    I am assuming the OP MOBO is Dual Channel.

    Q - @ZForce915 - what MOBO & CPU?
  5. ^ From what you indicate, I'd also have to go with the Corsairs.

    On a side note. In all my purchases of memory dating back to the 386SX days, I have never Had a bad stick. I have had some compatibility issues (limited to laptops, an old compaq and a toshiba A205).

    I have a snicky feeling that a large percentage of defective memory being caused by the user. Memory sticks are very suspeptable to ESD damage. many do not realize that you can damage them by handling them even if you do not touch the pins. This is one component I do NOT touch without grounding myself first (Normally wear a ground strap). A 2nd problem is individuals who have compatability problems and report the memory as defective. I do take into account: EX on newegg if I see a make/model that, with a high number (ie >100) of reponses see a much Higher % of defects, or 1/2 egg ratings.
  6. Besides bad sticks, the 'X' have been having issues when 2 (2X4GB) sets were combined and Rated 1600 was impossible but 1333 MHz was the only stable option.

    I can 'feel' when there's OP error and something is defective. I look outside of Tom's before I conclude a problem(s). IMO G.SKILL purchased a large bad batch, and I'm certain this will pass as those sets are sold out.

    On Newegg I tend to filter-out only 'verified owners'; I'm know there's a lot of goofy or biased postings. Like the Vertex 3 complaints -- blaming the SSD than realizing their MOBO's SATA3 speed limitations, etc.
  7. Own 2 Gskill kits and 2 Corsair kits.
    Had to rma one Corsair kit= bad module
    Could happen to anyone and i still continue to buy Corsair products.
    Imo not much difference between the brands in performance and reliability.
    The only thing to consider is what would be the best choice for you and your components.
    Corsair Vengeance is 52mm tall/Ripjaws X -41mm tall.
    Aftermarket heatsinks don't like tall ram kits if you ever plan on using all your dimms.
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