ATI HD 4850 - no display :(

I have Visiontek HD 4850 (ATI)

which was running very hot as they all do, like 80- 90 degree centigrade...

So I bought Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2 VGA Cooler and installed on my card.

it was running little cooler after that.

but after some days it suddenly died, no display at all.

I removed reapplied arctic silver paste and fitted again but no luck

finally I removed accelero cooler, cleaned card completely and installed stock cooler to check if that works, again no luck.

Visiontek says you tempered product so they can't give warrnty, besides it is in lifetime warrnaty :(.

Can anybody help me getting this card working, if it is possible

counting on you guys, thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you try overclocking the card? Could be that you pushed it too hard and fried something.
  2. install and try running it on a lower power rig than yours.....
  3. @Herr_koos, first thanks for your response, I did overclocked it a bit using ati overdrive but I am sure it never gone above 110 degree c.

    One more thing I forgot to add when I cleaned card completely and installed stock cooler, it magically gave display once and after few minutes again off.

    after that day till date no display, so I don't think its fried, there is something else wrong, correct me if I am wrong.

    @vimal992: mine is 500w smps, I did try running it on 400w but no luck.

    I tried adding it as secondary card to on board video board. device manager shows unknown device, not able to install driver so not able to check further.

    led on graphics card glows correctly as it was when it was working.

    thanks again friends, any further things i can check ?
  4. 110C!!!?? Damn, that's hot.. Maybe hot enough to cause damage.
  5. yeah its damn hot, I could have boiled an egg :)

    besides, It can handle up to 100c easily, and only sometimes it reaches upto 110 and whenever it overheats it just reboot my pc, i hated that but that way my card won't burnout.

    and as I said after that also I got display once, and led glows on card, when plugged. so i guess it is not burnout, it must be something else.

    thanks for quick responses herr_koos.

    anything else ?
  6. whats ur motherboard?tried updating the BIOS firmware....??
  7. Really hard to tell what else might be wrong, even thought LED still burns there's no guarantee all components are working properly.
  8. @Herr_Koos my bad :( , anyways thanks for trying.

    @vimal992: I tried it on different motherboard, still no luck, so that is not the case, even I bought new hd 4850 from pwoercolor 1GB, which runs pretty cool @50degree c max on load. on the same setup.

    so visiontek cards are the real culprit. they are well known for overheating.

    will give one last trying cleaning card and reapplying heat sink, miracles do happnen, didn't they?

    Thank you guys, have a good day, cheers :)
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