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What is the cpu core
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  1. The CPU core is the thing that does all the work. Your thread title is the names of several different Pentium 4 cores.
  2. Canterwood, northwood and prescotts Oh My!

    4745454b is somewhat correct, northwood and prescotts are CPUs based off the Netburst microarchitecture The Prescotts are both socket 775 and socket 478.Northwood is socket 478

    Canterwood is the code name for the Chipset, The 875P to be exact. The 875P chipset supports the Northwood and the Prescotts. The 875P was used on both the socket 775 and the socket 478.
  3. Bah. For some reason I was thinking it was one of the P4 based Xeons, or EE chips. Can't remember all the code names.
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