Video card stability test....

wen i run stability test on my gpu it doesnt jump to performance mode... it stays at low power mode..
but wen i run some games, movies or anythin like that it jumps to performance mode...
gpu stress test ran once nd i left it for around 30 min.. then i saw an error msg which stated that gpu went into low power mode... even in stock clock this stress test isnt runnin it a prob wid card or the software..if its software plz suggest some trusted software to run this stress test
gpu: gts 250
and the software is by some freestone group..
i got it while googleing..
thnx in advance :)
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  1. Try again with Furmark or OCCT GPU stress test.
  2. yep use furmark. I use it. It's how I figured my GTS250 was dying... artifacts.. :(

    strange what you have though. Try installing fresh drivers. Make sure you use driver sweeper from guru3d before you install the new drivers though
  3. tried furmark as u also gave the same result ..
    now m tryin installin drivers again..
  4. tried reinstalling worked. thnx :)
  5. your welcome
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