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Hi All,

First off, this is a wonderful forum.

This is my first time pricing and building a custom PC. I have read quite a bit and believe I have picked components that will meet my goal. My goal is to build a machine that will last a LONG time, one that I can upgrade freely if necessary, and one that will support gaming and high quality video. I have never truly owned a great PC.

I would like advice on the following components. Mostly, I'd like to know if I'm going overboard on some things and if the components are compatible. Grand total for this is $2000 at Newegg, which is quite a bit for me, so I will probably end up buying the components over the next 6-9 months.

i7 930

Also, other than Win 7, mouse, keyboard, and speakers, is there anything else I would need?
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  1. Hoshos that was a very helpful reply, and I might even skip the HDD altogether for now and just use the 80GB to start.

    Basically, I have about $1000 cash I can blow, and can probably get everything else one at a time. :sol:
  2. thanks have fun building
  3. If you are not able to get all the parts at the current time, you may end up with a more successful build and be more happy by just putting the money aside till you can purchase everything practically at once.

    Those are good parts now, but 6-9 months from now is a long time in the hardware world!
  4. /\ +1
  5. I would select Best Answer if I could, but I don't think it will work here as I picked "discussion", or at least I can't seem to find the option to.
  6. lol. anyways you should save the money first
  7. I might not have to wait, talking it over with wife, lol.

    Does this motherboard have Wifi or would I have to buy a card?
  8. OK more questions :

    Is it possible to create a quality build around $1200 while keeping the 5870 and future crossfire capability, intel 80gb solid state, and the monitor? For example, would I still be okay using 4GB RAM instead of 6 while running Windows 7 and gaming on high settings at 1900x1200? Is the AMD Phenom X4 almost as good as an i7 or is the i7 completely in a different league? If I'm paying for i7 am I really paying for the brand name and leet status or is the performance noticeably better?


    If it is possible to create a build closer to 1200-1300 while keeping those options the same, how long would this new build last vs the $1800 build before I would probably have to upgrade something? Please let me know.

    I hope I didn't sound confusing. Thanks.
  9. That all looks good! You might consider a corsair power supply because they are supposed to be better quality. The i7 930 is a better processor, but you wont be losing too much gaming wise with the 955. The 955 is a great processor also.
  10. Thanks! I guess the question is, is the performance difference between these two builds worth $500 lol.
  11. what xfx's power supplies are better quality and have better voltage regulation than the corsair tx's and they r sometimes better than the hx's
  12. Hoshos I wanted to thank you for your advice.

    I went with the components you suggested. The monitor is going to be slick.

    This is my first desktop in about 8 years (always used laptops), and my first building experience (something I've always wanted to do but never could afford). And even though I can't readily afford the extra $1000 that this is going to cost, I figured what is a zero balance on a credit card with such a high limit when you don't ever use it? I know it is going to be worth it when I'm finished.

    I'm so excited. I'm refreshing the UPS site all day even though I know my stuff won't come til tomorrow. I will probably end up playing some FFXIV on it until TOR comes out. Getting a score of 213 on the XIV benchmark on my laptop was so depressing. This thing should sail through, especially after I OC it to 3.5.

    The wife will probably use it just for homework and internet searches, but maybe I can get her into some things that will utilize the rig to its full potential, like gaming or photoshop.

    Anyway, thanks again.
  13. you are welcome i like helping people
  14. Update:

    One bad motherboard later (screw you Gigabyte, hello ASUS), I am now up and running. Great system so far. Again, thanks for all of your suggestions.


    i7 930 OC to 3.5 GHz
    6GB RAM @ 1600 MHz DDR3
    Idle Temps 39-41
    100% Load Temps 67-69
    Windows Experience Index 7.6 (CPU)
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