Help with network acrd plzzzzzzzzzzz

how do i enable my network card through the bios. friend is also unfortunate and has dell demension 2400 and dell is no help in fact they are the ones who says it is off. he recently reformatted
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  1. It is very unlikely your LAN card is disabled in the BIOS unless YOU disabled it (there’s just no reason to do so). I suspect Dell TS just ran out of ideas. But if you want to check, you usually have to use the F2 or Del key during a cold boot to trigger the BIOS setup. Just monitor the screen when it boots up. Very early in that process, just after the memory check, it’ll usually tell you somewhere what key is necessary to enter the BIOS. From there you just need to find the appropriate section (being a Dell machine, I bet the option to enable/disable the LAN device isn’t even available).
  2. Your post is ambiguous about whether it's your computer or it's your friend's computer -- which you say has been reformatted. If there's a fresh install of the operating system, the network card (do you mean wired or wireless) may need a driver (usually to be found on the manufacturer's website).
  3. Well...... As we know the BIOS is boot firmware, which is designed to be the first code run by a computer when powered on. So when the system starts BIOS identifies, tests, and initializes all system devices. So its not possible that your device means your LAN card is disabled until you don't disable it. If there is some problem in dell system then identify your device properly. Check your control panel and identify the connection.......may be you get the solution of your problem...............!!!


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