Weird cpu temps

so i have a core2duo E4400
iam using speedfan to monitor my temps and so when i enable trible buffering on my gts250 and vertical sync in a game the cpu temp jumps to 108 Degrees is that even possible without the pc shutting down and then when i get out of the game it returns to 40 degrees the cores are the same no increase in temps
i figured if i diable trible buffering the cpu will get back to normal
now isnt triple buffering supposed to affect gpu not cpu or is it a false reading from speedfan
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  1. How old is you PC? What is the rest of the system spec.
  2. its 2 years old specs are
    core2duo E4400 2.0ghz
    nvidia geforce gts250 1GB DDR3 green edition
    3GB of ram
    160GB HDD samsung
    windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
    now i turned off vsync and triple buffering seems to have worked cpu max temp is 53 degrees when gaming
    but why is it jumping to 108 degrees when they are on
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