Agility 3, firmware fix?

So my build had been working great for a few months. A couple weeks ago I started getting the "improper boot device" message after UEFI loads. I'd shut it off, replug cables, and boot again successfully. I had to apply this quickfix a few times, but now it doesn't work anymore: I'm getting "improper boot device" consistently.

Currently the SSD is plugged into my secondary computer, and it reads great. It just won't boot Windows on the computer its SUPPOSED to be connected to. I'm considering updating it to 2.22 firmware while its in limbo.

1. Will 2.22 firmware end this issue? Or, is it just a good idea to run on the latest firmware?

2. If I do instill new firmware, how do I got about recovering all the data back onto the SSD? I created a back-up of the SSD weekly on the HDD, so how do I go about recovering that back onto the SSD without Windows?
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    To update my Vertex 3 that has the OS, I just cloned the OS to a spare HDD and (using a system repair disk created with the wizard if you type that into the run window started up the HDD -- you don't always need the repair disk but it is handy when you do need it) made the SSD a secondary drive to apply the new firmware. I did not have to reinstall the OS as the SSD was still intact, but backup in case of a problem. Since you have the spare computer, you only need to clone the SSD to have a good backup. You can apply the firmware with the SSD attached to the second machine and if necessary reload the data from the clone.

    I clone with either Ghost 15 or Easeus Todo free version, I find the Windows backup something less than reliable.

    A firmware update may or may not fix the issue, perhaps you should just start it up with a system repair disk in the CD drive to insure that it is not a faulty SRP issue.
  2. I don't know what happened, but after finding that all connections were good I simply flip-flopped which ends of the SATA cable were connected to the mobo/SSD and everything seems to be working. Windows won't let me back-up the C: Drive now because apparently it thinks Windows is booting off my secondary drive, so I'm going to try the cloning when I perform the firmware upgrade.

    Thanks for the info Realbeast!
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