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I have just purchased a bunch of new SSD & HD drives for my computer and wonder if the below process will work

1. Back up all videos, music, pictures to an extrnal hard drive.
2. Format all the drives I currently use (2 X 500GB HD).
3. Unplug these drives from the mobo.
4. Attach my 128 GB SSB to my mobo
5. Insert my Windows 7 disc and let the install run.
6. Reattach the "old" drives as well as the new ones I purchased (2 X 1TB HD) and (3TB HD).
7. Transfer the files from the external drive to my HD as I want.
8. Begin to download the ENTIRE internet as I now have over 6 TB of HD space.

Seriously though is this the best way to do the install of the new SSD given that I want a clean install.

Thank You
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  1. Everything is correct.

    Then go to the tweaks and optimization here ^
  3. Thank You
  4. Post back and give us an update.
  5. not doing until friday but I will for sure because I am pretty postive I will screw something up
  6. Take your time it will go well!!!!!!
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