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Zotac Geforce 9600 gt Synergy not detected

I bought Zotac Geforce 9600 gt Synergy and a 460 W power supply of cooler master.
The PSU is working great.
But the graphics card is not able to get detected.
My system ifo is
Core 2 duo E4600 @2.40 GHz
2.00 GB RAM
Integrated Graphics Card nvidia geforce 7100
I have tried it on another desktop and it got detected.

Also if someone could tell me if its compatible with my motherboard(MCP73M01H1).
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. - The graphics card is taking the power as the fan is moving.
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  1. disable the on board video in BIOS
  2. But if i disable the onboard graphics card and the display does not come from the card then will i be able to switch back to the earlier display
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    the on board display will work in BIOS if there is no other card. if you do not disable it, it points Windows to use the onboard and basically disconnects the add on card, hence Windows does not see the card
  4. Thanx man!!!
    Its working fine but the card is detected as 9600 gt not 9600 gt synergy.
    Is that OK?
  5. thanks, as for it not seeing it as a Synergy, not a problem, the fact it sees the right card is what matters, the drivers and hardware will work correctly
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  7. OK!
    Thanks a ton man.
    BTW What's ur age?
    I am 15
  8. I'm 61 Hahaha
  9. Sometimes the display is not coming from the graphic card after shutdown.
    After i replug the wire to the onboard card it works. And after changing it to pci-e sometimes its not working.
    Hope i could explain my problem.
  10. number13 said:
    I'm 61 Hahaha

    Having problem
    The display is not coming from graphics card.
    This problem was there earlier also after a shutdown but when i restarted the pc by the onboard display it worked
    Should i reinstall the driver
    Please help Number 13 u r the man!!!!!!
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