Amd phenom vs intel i7

I want to know which is better in terms of over all speed functionality, reliability and value,
AMD Phenom ll or Intel I7 processor
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  1. He didn't specifically say "Phenom II x6".

    OP, you need to tell us what models of which you are comparing. The phenom II ranges in core and speed configuration from $100-300 while the i7 ranges in cores and speed from $280-1000.

    What model you compare from each depends on the uses for your computer.

    So I recommend you give us a price range and the uses of your computer and we will suggest the best value in that price range as well as the best performance in that price range for your given uses.

    As for functionality and reliability, all current CPUs are the same, featuring the same extension sets, which I assume you mean by functionality, and warranty (3 years).
  2. Debatable. i7 is better than the Phenom in some things, then the Phenom is better than the i7.

    This has been asked and answered so many times, all depends on the application, the other system components, and the MAJOR fact is what YOU will be using the system for.
  3. if money was a contraint i'd choose a ''pimped'' 1090 over a similar priced i7 950 set up

    i reckon there isnt be much difference between the two unless you pay out for a top end 6 core i7 with 32nm technology
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