HELP, HDMI cable flicker or making the screen smaller?

When I first got my HDMI cable, I hooked it from my laptop (newer laptop) to my t.v. (again a new t.v.). Everything worked perfectly. The HDMI automatically had the sound on the t.v. when I would plug it into the laptop. I didn't have to configure anything extra.


Now I had to do a system restore.

So I go to connect my HDMI cable.

Hmm. No sound. So I'm like what is going on? So I look up that I need to do it manually, I'm like are you seriously?? Why is that when it was doing it automatically before??

So I'm like fine. Now I hook up the HDMI cable and my screen starts flickering and going crazy when I hook the two up. So I unplug it. I try HDMI 2 spot. Now my screen goes from full size, to being indented about an inch on both sides when I have the HDMI in, so I freak out and disconnect. So it doesn't go back to normal, I put it back to the HDMI, it goes back to normal. I disconnec them and it shrinks the screen again.

So I'm like crap, I do a system restore AGAIN. Second one.

Now I'm afraid to put any HDMI cables into my laptop.

Is there something up with my laptop or my HDMI cable or what else???

It is a megabridge HDMI cable.
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  1. It is more likely that you will have to tweak settings for your display adapter.
  2. what is this display adapter?

    i dont get it, it would automatically do it before, now its having issues. :(
  3. Try reinstalling your graphics card drivers (display adapter) and see what happens. Something could have been screwed up when you used system restore...
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