The codes to identify your wireless connection to the router

the codes to identify your wireless connection to the router? What are these and how can I get them to keep or write down?

I know how to get into my router settings and some one suggested I should have these codes. But my question is, what codes are they talking about?
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  1. Sounds like that person was suggesting you enable security settings for your wifi connection - either WEP or WPA. Otherwise unauthorized people can link to your wifi network without your permission, snoop on your data, and even get you into legal trouble should they downloand something like child pornography, copyrighted movies or music using your IP address that your ISP assigns to you.

    For some tips & how-to procedures, go to here:

    You'll have to set up an encryption key on your router settings page and then on each wifi computer, plus I generally disable SSID broadcast on my router so there's no network name being broadcast.
  2. Ok thanks, this is my first time on this site.
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