Msi 790fx help!!

Hello guys i need your precious help !i have purchase a msi 790fx gd70 mobo and a phenom II x6 1090 cpu , after i've installed everything successfully i switch it on for the first time
and i had no vision , no display , my monitor acts like the pc is switched off.I approached my ear to the box and was hearing a sound like chug coming from the gpu doublechecked if everything is plugged ok and nothing seemed wrong.According to the attached led on the mobo everything seems fine :( .Also I have a suspicion that the problem may be the fact that the BIOS of mobo supports up to X4 and for X6 there has to be a bios upgrade but how can i do that without having a proper phenom II x4 to replace .
Any ideas ????
adding some of my hardware for additional help to you :
psu thermaltake litepower 700w
gpu 5770 saphire

thx in advance !!! :(
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  1. don't you need to update the bios for the newer phenom chips?
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