Screen Blank from startup/crashing, Graphics?

Ok, basically what happened was, while playing CS:S the screen flickered and then the PC just crashed. I turned it back on and the monitor just had "no signal" (The graphics card makes a strange kind of flickering sound aswell), I keep turning it on and off and occasionally I'll get a signal but the screen will just be displaying a black screen. Occasionally it'll actually start up, sometimes the screen will crash at Windows loading, sometimes I'll get onto my desktop and it'll last 5/10 minutes until the screen crashes to a random colour, Pink, White, Red etc.

The graphics card makes this flickering tictictictictic sound as I said, and when the sound stops is when the screen SOMETIMES powers up. Everything is connected properly, none of the fans are blocked (though the graphics card does seem quite warm sometimes, the same thing happens after letting it cool down completely).

It's a GeForce 8800GT by the way. Is this a Graphics issue? Are there any solutions?
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  1. Sounds like a bad card. Have you tried the card in another PC ? Do you have a spare card lying around ? Check your connections for the hell of it.

    If it is indeed the card you can consider trying this AFTER you read about and understand the process. I have actually done this for a friend of mine and sure enough it worked.There are several posts here at Toms regarding this procedure.
  2. As above poster says, card is almost certainly broken. Try to get it tested. You might as well try baking it, doesn't look like you got a great deal to lose with it...
  3. I've ordered a 9800 already so I may aswell bake it.

    I've taken it apart, I just cant seperate a wire connecting the fan to the board. It's a green/black/yellow/blue set of wires that connects to a white outlet on the board that looks soldered in (kinda looks like the top should slide out, but it isnt budging, maybe its not meant to)

    Any help?
  4. Nevermind, it came off eventually. About to shove it in the oven though a bit dodgy as the only thermal paste I have left is that which is stuck to the thermal pad on the fan part.
  5. Wow. It worked.

    I put the board in the oven GPU downwards (as I read to do) and opened it ten minutes later to find half of the components on the tray. I thought it was all over, but I took a guess at where they all went, carefully placed it the right way up in the oven, slapped it on for another 10 minutes... Put it all back together...

    And it now works... well, this is the longest it's been on for a while... CRAZY
  6. Awesome bro. Glad it worked as it has for many !

    Well if your board supports it you now have a physics card. :)
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