How can i format a boot drive and not lose any of the information

okay so im in a situation where i need to add a new hard drive to a computer to boost the capacity, but i need the 2 separate hard drives to appear as one and i need to keep the information. i have a flash drive that i can use to back up the information, but im worried that i wont be able to move the backed up data back due to no OS remaining on the hard drive. is there a way that i can boot from the flash drive and then copy the information back to the hard drive? would i run into any issues using that method ? any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Sys A: C: used to work =[ I miss DOS
  2. I've got to run, but will point the next person (or you if you follow me well enough) in the right direction:

    Drive Image then RAID


    JBOD (which would be considered drive spanning and can be done in Windows as it is now without you having to transfer data)

    JBOD explained:
  3. Like nbelote said, image it first, there are some options here:

    Then create a RAID 0 with your two drives (faster, combined capacity with one drive letter, but if one fails you lose all your data so backup your stuff).

    Finally, image it back to the new drive array.

    BUT, drives are pretty cheap so adding a new drive with a new drive letter is the easiest, just doesn't fit in your requirements.
  4. That's why I suggested the JBOD route. He can limp in by adding the drive to his existing volume without doing RAID. You just skip those steps and do it in Windows with a dynamic disk.
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