Intel SSD 520 120G Issues, please help me. Growing nuts.

Hey, Qurest here.

Now it's like this, for more than 1 ½ days ago so I pulled a clean reboot on my system, formatted the whole computer.
There have been some problems here and there but i've solved most of the issues. Unfortunately there is a problem that still persists, and it is on my SSD.

Two things I do not understand, after formatting the comp the ssd would give me strange noises, such as the famous "clumpsy cricket sound" as several people have desribed with their own ssd's, Why? because apparently something is not right..
I installed Intel's own toolbox and thought I would trim it.. In the process of doing so i came across this problem - "The Intel SSD Toolbox can not Communicate with the selected Intel SSD"

Aahoy I thought, after a few hours of searching, i managed to finally solve mystery by removing Intel's own driver and replace it with Microsoft's own from 2006. Worth to note that I am running in AHCI mode on the SSD via bios (Sitting on a asus p67-sabertooth)
Anyway, before the formatting scenario, i could see my SSD in RST (Rapid Storage Technology)
Unfortunately when i check today, there's no SSD to be found in the RST, I can only find my harddrive..?

Here is how it looks when i open RST now As you can see, the SSD is no were to be found.

So, I have opened up the case of my computer and checked whether i plugged it in the right spot, which i have.
The SSD is connected to SATA port, 3g, and double checked the settings in the bios.
But why cannot RST localize the SSD? Worth and note that I also re-installed the RST twice without any success.

I'm at a stop here folks and im pulling my hair..
* Sigh *

Also throw up results from Crystal Disk Mark -
Which seems awkwardly low for a 520 SSD 120G which should have up to 500/500mb's on each side?

Thank's in advance!
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  1. Which color SATA port is it on -- it should be on a brown Intel 6Gbps port SATA6_1 or 2) if you want best performance, but will also do fine on a black 3Gbps Intel port (SATA3g_3 to 6), and preferably using one of the 6Gbps rated cables that came with your motherboard. I find that performance is lower and things can get flaky on the Marvell ports.

    I've never heard a sound from an SSD and do not see how they would make a sound as they have no parts that move so I cannot help there.

    Download the most recent version of the Intel toolbox -- you may need a firmware update, which the toolbox will advise if your version is old.

    When you did the reinstall did you disconnect the HDD so that the SRP was forced onto the SSD?
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