XFX 5770 or 5830 ?


I was thinking of getting a new graphics card and needed some help choosing.

Iv'e narrowed it down to two. XFX Raedon HD 5770 and the XFX Raedon HD 5830,

Both with the egg cooler (V2) because my case is a wind tunnel and can handle the heat thrown in it.

Also went with XFX for the warranty (My EVGA 8800GTX took a crap, I don't want to go thru this again/ EVGA said they cant honor the warranty because I had IBUYPOWER build my old rig something about a stupid "system builder warranty" )

Is the performance jump from the 5770 to the 5830 worth the extra $60-70?

Need some help and/or opinions. Mabey if someone reading has one let me know how you like it and how it handles the games you play.

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    The 5800 series are better off in eyefinity and higher resolutions of gaming. 1920x1080 or higher resolution you would go with the 5830, but if you're playing games at a lower resolution then go with the 5770. Only problem with a 5770 would be that you can't play games such as Metro 2033 on max dx11 at a large resolution.
    Also, what is your current cpu?

    Edit: Wow, almost said what is your Thermaltake case D:
  2. Wow

    Thanks for a quick response Dalta Centauri !!

    Well I think I'll go with the 5830 one then because of res.

    Also I just looked at a MSI 5770 HAWK and heard people saying it was better than XFX's with it cooling/overclocking.
    BUT MSI only makes a 5870 that jumps to almost $500 I can't swing that kind of $$$ for a card. Seems like I need 58xx series for the higher res.

    Iv'e got a older 6600 Core Duo.

    Also how good is XFX warranty provided I reg in 30 days? Is it true when they stop making the 5830 or any other card , they stop the lifetime warranty with it?

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