How many watt Power Supply for i5 750 and 2 x 465gtx in SLI?

hi im currently running a intel core i5 750 @3.4ghz and 1600mhz ddr3 dual channel ram, 3 hdd's in raid 1 and 2 x EVGA 465GTX 1gb in SLI, Im currently running with a 750 watt 62amp single 12v rail, now would I see a performance increase with a new psu?, according to with 2 x 400 series cards in sli i would need 1000-1200 watt psu, im just trying to make sure thats what i need and what brand of psu would you recommend, i currently have $200 i can spend on a psu, thanks for your time, Jim
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  1. Also 1 more thing, Im planning to buy another 465 gtx 1gb so I can TRI-SLI
  2. Those PSU specs are good enough to run GTX 465 SLI.
  3. For tri SLI, get a good 1000 W PSU.
  4. im asking cause seeing my cards pcb are the same as a 480gtx, im asking as of right now would i benefit from any performance gain with my current 465gtx x 2 in sli with a 1000watt psu? from what ive been reading all over forums im already pushing it with this psu with those cards alone.....
  5. There will be no performance gains with a PSU upgrade.It will just be a guarantee that it'll handle the components fine.An unless you have an outrageous overclock, the current PSU is enough if it is of a good brand.
  6. its a Coolermaster GX 750watt 62amp 12v singlerail
  7. im thinking about going to go buy a watt meter to check out what my pc is using and if its close to 700 or 750 ill probably get a new psu
  8. Well not considered the best psu the GX750W will be providing enough power for that set-up.
    If you're still considering upgrading go with an Antec,Corsair,Seasonic,XFX,or Silverstone of similiar wattage.
  9. any SLI i build will require imo atleast 750w of power thats before capacitor wear on your mobo and extra hardrives and fans heres and awesome tool u can use to get a rough estimate i try to stay 50 -100w above the max load.
  10. i would really suggest a Corsair TX850 or higher-watt TX version, preferably one with 6 x PCI-e power connectors.

    Other good brands would be Enermax, some Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic.
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