WD external won't work as an internal

I have a WD 1.5TB external drive that has suddenly started acting up on me. It connects and disconnects at random. I'm assuming the case has gone faulty on me.

I took it apart and tried to connect it internally but it shows as "unallocated" like its requiring a format before it will work. I have important files I require from the drive.

Is there a way to read this drive?
Does the case use a format that windows7 wouldn't normally recognize and converts to communicate?
If so is there a program that will allow it to read in windows?
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  1. Some WD external products (eg Essentials) are encrypted whether or not you have set a password. When connected internally, all you will see is gibberish.

    Many WD users are reporting physical connection problems with the USB connector.
  2. Check the USB connections. If you took the case apart check the USB soldering to see if it looks like it's loose. I would also check for burn marks on the board or anything that doesn't look right. Can the drive be hooked up externally long enough for you to transfer the files over? (Do copy, not cut)

    If not, you can try http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download

    But if your data is encrypted then it might not work then. I don't know whether WD will try to help you recover your data but always back up important information. Hope your able to recover the data though!
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