dead pc?

I have a old computer that i have been trying to turn into a server so I bought a new power supply for as i took the old one out for my new computer.

So I hooked everything up and it will turn on the fan will spin and 3-4 sec it will turn off. no post some number will come up on the mobo. They will flash by fast.

So i took everything apart and cleaned it. to see if it was video card or ram it wasn't. I have the mobo on a box and am trying to run
it outside the case now it will work with no heat sink on i only turned it on for a sec and it would run as soon as i put the heat sink even just sit it on top the proc it would do the turn off thing

can pressure make the proc stop working is the proc bad or the mobo?

Please help
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  1. May a motherboard problem
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