1600mhz CL9 or 1866mhz CL11?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out which would be the best memory for me to get. I purchased a sandy bridge i7-2820QM laptop (Quadro 2000M) and I'm looking to upgrade it's memory. I'm mostly using it for 3D Modeling/CAD and rendering, so I'm considering 4GBx4 for a total of 16GB (possibly overkill), but I'm not sure about the speed and timing. If money isn't an issue, which would be the best purchase for my application? Would it change if I was using the laptop to game?

Is memory bandwidth less likely to hit peak with more RAM? If so would the faster timing would be better since I most likely won't use all 16GBs?
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    There's only a small difference (maybe 2-5%) between 1600 and 1866. Having timings that high (CL11) negates most of that speed advantage. I would go with the 1600 memory simply because you're not likely to notice the difference, and an unnoticeable difference isn't worth the price.

    In this case it really doesn't matter what you're using the laptop for.

    And no, the peak bandwidth isn't affected by how much memory you have.
  2. Thanks, I ended up getting the 1600, cause the difference between 4x4GB was $70. Notebook memory doesn't seem too expensive either, so I can always upgrade in the future if needed.
  3. Just to add, you made the right choice, the SB has very little benefit from the 1866 vs 1600 even under the best CAS Timings scenario. Also, with CAD work or any rendering more RAM is always better, 16GB is not overkill in professional use. Further, you'll have less computation errors with the 1600.
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