HD5770 vs GTX 8800

Simplle question,which grafic card is better HD5770 vs GTX 8800? I hawe 8800Gtx and it is broken,i cant play game becuse when rich 75C comp shuts down?
Thnx 2 all guys and grils for anwser this question... :)

p.s. sorry for bad eanglish
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  1. HD 5770 is faster.
    8800GTX is comparable to a HD 5750
  2. +1 on the 5770 - DX11 and ddr5.
  3. Get the 5770, it has GDDR5 and DirectX11, which the 8800 doesn't simple choice if the price is similar. The 5770 also has more stream processors!
  4. +1 on ATI 5770. It's the better performing card of the two for sure. :) Plus, as already mentioned, has newer technology (DX11 primarily). Great graphics card if you play games @ 1680x1050 resolution or less.
  5. Thnx guys for respond,about my resolution.It is 1900x1080,i houpe that card is going to make it.But you did say that 5770 is better and i dint hawe eny problems with 8800 and that resolution so Ati will do yust fine. :) Thnx 2 all :D
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