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VPN + Remote Servers + Local AD

Last response: in Networking
March 23, 2010 2:08:06 AM


Hope someone can help lead me in the right direction. Currently I have the following network setup.

Remote - 2 dedicated servers at a hosting company. Full control
Local - Active Directory Domain, 6 other servers used for development and testing.

What I want to do is have

1) The remote servers be able to join the domain and share credentials
a) Is it best to set this up as another site?
2) VPN for this said remote domain and local domain. How do I setup communication so that all computers see this as if the remote servers were right there.
3) Do I need new hardware on my end or both ends? Or can I do this with a software tool?

There may be answers for this already, I've just had no luck at this point in my current google searches

March 24, 2010 1:53:15 AM

Fantastic system. playing with it now. Anything else out there like this for comparison?