Cpu temp 76c cpu cores 23c

my cpu temp reads 76c but cores 1& 2 read 23c on everest mb temp is 27c what will cause this AMD 7750 with Gigabyte Mobo
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  1. It is possible that Everest is wrong. What does it say in BIOS?
  2. Hi the BIOS is showing 23c for the CPU but just a litle concerned as smart fan reads like everest too. I'm thinking of putting a new chip in but dont want to if there is a problem.
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    Smartfan is like Everest a third party utilities that not always report correctly. The bios is configured (calibrated) to read correctly from the installed sensor. Looking at the core temps you see on both cores, how can it be 76°C on the CPU where did the heat come from? It is way higher than the cores which create the heat.
  4. thanks i will presume that the corect temp is the cores temp as nothing else comes above 30c ie mobo gpu ect
  5. Sorted the cpu temp is the max opperating temp of the cpu handy that at least i know what it can be pushed to now when OC'ing
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