Can you build something better than my system for less money?

My Rigs components and prices I paid for each:
-2x XFX HD5870 (original version that shipped with Dirt 2 voucher) - $800 (tigerdirect)
-Core i7 920 (DO Stepping) - $199 (microcenter)
-Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler - $30 (frys)
-HAF 932 Full Tower Case - $99 (tigerdirect)
-OCZ 6GB DDR3 1600 MHz Gold XTC Triple Channel RAM - $149 (Amazon)
-Asus P6T Motherboard - $229 (Microcenter)
-Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm 500GB Hard Drive - $40 (tigerdirect)
-NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller - $55 (tigerdirect)
-Cooler Master Silent Pro M850 - $139 (Amazon)
-2x Cooler Master 120mm Red LED case fans -$14 (Amazon)
-HAF 932 windowed side panel - $30 (cmstore)
-Dell 3008wfp 30" 2560x1600 IPS LCD Monitor - $850 (ebay)
-Logitech Z-5500 - $179 (tigerdirect)
-6ft. Displayport Cable - $6 (monoprice)
-Windows 7 Ultimate Edition - $0 (supplied by Microsoft for House Party Promotional Maketing Campaign)
-Total Cost: $2825" class="img lazy">
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  1. Definitely. That's actually a pretty weak build for how much you spent on it.

    CPU/Mobo: i7-930 and Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R $484. Better board, better CPU.
    RAM: Corsair XMS3 3x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $155 after rebate. Much, much better RAM.
    GPU: 2x HD 5970 $1,360. Need I say more?
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $75. Bigger, faster.
    PSU: Cosair 850W $110 after rebate. An actually good quality PSU.
    Case: HAF 922 $90
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $18
    HSF: Sycthe SCMG-2100 $35. A better cooler (barely)
    Monitor: 3x Acer 21.5" 1080p $450. That's 5760x1080 and a lot bigger than 30".

    Total: $2,777. And I didn't even have to use Microcenter for the CPU.
  2. Eyefinity is cool i guess if you dont mind crappy tn panels and huge black borders in your field of vision. I prefer the big screen personally. Also u didnt include a sound system. or OS. That should add around $500+ to your build cost. Nice looking build though. i like the 5970's. They were hard to find when i built my system. Oh and thanks for the positive sentiments on my build. It made me feel good to hear it was weak lol.
  3. I'm counting the OS as free (since you already had it). Counting the Microcenter price, the total above is $2,703. There are plenty of good 5.1 speakers out there for under $120. There are also other ways I can cut the costs of the build (cheaper PSU, 500 GB HDD, cheaper case) if I absolutely needed to.
  4. Hey! The OS wasnt free! I had to throw a lame ass Windows 7 house party to get that full version of windows 7 (nobody came lol). I had a cheaper PSU previously but it was loud and crappy. Had to go with the CM Silent pro for blissful silence. And nothing touches the z-5500 for the price. I am loving your enthusiasm and responses btw. keep 'em coming. Does my build at least look sorta cool? C'mon give me that at least.
  5. y 2 5970s when 2 480s would rape those 2 5970s and be 1k instead of 1300
  6. Gtx 480=Hot+Noisy+Ineffecient. I think the only card Nvidia has gotten right recently is the Gtx 460.
  7. 480 SLI won't beat 5970 CF. Three 480s would come close to beating two of 5970, but that's $1,500, not counting the extra $100+ you'd have to spend on the larger PSU needed or the fact that you'd nearly need a specialized cooling solution to even make it work.
  8. no way bro not off the benchmarks iv seen 2 480s is way better to the point its overkill for any 60mh screen besides 4 way crossfire is horrible scaling and if your worried about heat and noise just get 2 zotac amps very very quiet and very cool running temps
  9. A single 480 isn't in the same league as a single 5970. Yes, they scale up better, but not good enough to make up the massive gap in performance between one 480 and one 5970. Dual 480s simply isn't going to cut it.

    As for lowering the heat and noise, there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. Two 480s use somewhere around 700W alone, and the heat is astronomical. There is nothing that fixes these issues.
  10. To MAdAdmiral. I just added your build to my cart at newegg. (I added the OS and Logitech sound system for u. U forgot those things.) Total is $3767.68. My case is better, my PSU is modular, I have a fan controller and extra fans, way better monitor, and it all costs $1000 less. I'll keep my "weak" system and save 1000 bucks over your choices. Oh and my weak system destroys your real system (not the hypothetical one you listed here.) Did u have to call my system weak? Thats just below the belt dude. Not constructive criticism at all. I'm glad we agree on the GTX 480 though. Two of those things would sound like a jet taking off. Pretty much have to water cool those things. One more thing. Do u think adding a third 5870 would make sense sometime down the line or would heat become an issue?
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    I don't get any where near that total. Excluding Windows (you got it for free and I've got $100 over the Microcenter price which happens to be the price of Windows 7 Home OEM, which is all you really need, making it a moot point), with the speakers (which there are sets that are just as good for less than $350), I get $3,192.52. With the $40 of rebates, that's $3,152.51. If I counted the speakers at the price you bought them (not Newegg's), that's $2,964.52.

    Still, to show that you can actually get under your total, to satisfy the speakers, I'll be using this quality 5.1 set: Logitech X540 for $90. That brings the final total to $2,899.31, with shipping and rebates. A touch more expensive, but you get nearly twice the power.

    As for the differences, the cases are essentially equal. The 932 is bigger, but is missing a number of nice features that the 922 has (dust filters, better cable management system, ability to turn off the lights). You didn't really need the extra fans. The monitor may be better quality, but that would only really come into play if you were doing very detailed photo/video work. I'd rather have the experience of Eyefinity, but that's alright.

    If you really want to break it down part by part, I have better RAM, a better CPU cooler (plus free thermal paste), a vast amount of GPU power, a better CPU (barely) and a better motherboard. The build above has more muscle by far. I'll take that for an extra $70.

    My real system wasn't built as a hardcore gaming system. It's more of an HTPC with some other duties. It was also built for around $800.

    I didn't say the build was straight up weak (it's not), I said it's weak for spending $2,800 on it.

    Adding a third GPU isn't cost justified. You don't get much performance gain from it.
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