Are they the same? 5850 on new egg...


Can anyone tell me the diffrence between these two XFX 5850? Ones $309 and ones $279.


Seems like $309 one has AvP game and $279 has a flash drive.

Other than that are they both the same??

Every bit of $ saved helps :)

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    Hey :)
    No,aside from the AVP/Flash drive,they don't have any differences.
  2. Thank you Maziar !!!

    You the man :)

    Thanks again,
  3. You are welcome :)
  4. Get the cheaper one. They have the same specs and they are the same brand. I like XFX. Good company!
  5. @ PsychoSaysDie: How high do you think he could overclock without voltage control?

    @ DamianJP: When you get your video card, can you measure its length (to the nearest millimeter)? I am doubtful of the lengths XFX has online for the HD5850.
  6. Thanks guys...

    multiscreenz / MelodiousUltra / PsychoSaysDie

    Yeah I got off the phone w/ XFX, no voltage regulator on that 5850 but oh well. Dude said that Overdrive or MSI afterburner can still OC it abit.
    Plus the guy said when you start boosting voltage it usaully only for benchmarking for a short period or if you have a water block on it to game with it 24/7 with voltages tweaked to keep it cool. Don't know how true that is but the guy sounded very knowledgeable about this stuff.

    Still im curious if anyone else OC'ed this card and how far they got with it with Overdrive or Afterburner w/o voltage tweaks. So feel free to chime in.

    Man at $280 I can't pass this up...

    Thanks all,
  7. Quote:
    No voltage control on either of them. Man that sucks because thats a great price

    I think that can unlock voltage control, right?

    I have HD5770 and on this card i can unlocked voltage control with MSI Afterburner (in setting)...
  8. If you are ordering it might as well get the combo with the $20 Belkinn surge protector and a $20 combo discount as well !! ( LINKIE )
  9. Quote:
    Only the Reference designs have voltage control. They eliminate voltage control because it's cheaper and a custom PCB

    You tell, only reference designs have vol. control...

    I don't think that MSI R5770 Hawk is a reference design...
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