My Hard Drive is not being picked up by Windows at installation, yet t

To cut a long story short, I'm installing Windows 7 on my new (OS-less) computer from an .iso on a disk. To install Windows, it says that I need a mass storage device and I need to install the mass storage device's driver.

I've tried the SATA (both RAID and AHCI) drivers on the motherboard's disk that came along with the computer, but they don't work. The BIOS says the HDD is definitely there, and I can see it connected, but Windows just won't pick up on it and I can't find any workable drivers.

Any help, please? My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P and the hard drive I'm trying to install on is SATA II. This is before Windows has begun installing and is looking for something to install on.

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  1. if your hard drive is a bare drive you might have to assign a drive letter to it for it to be recognized.

    also did you burn the .iso image properly?
  2. a bare drive is a drive that doesnt have a partition or a drive letter yet, its 100% unallocated space that needs to be allocated before it can be used
  3. Thanks very much for the quick response guys! I really appreciate the help, but when I returned home and turned on the PC it seems to recognise the HDD drive now. God knows how, considering I don't think I did anything to it in that period, but I'm just glad it worked!
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