XFX 4870

Guys i have bought this new ati card xfx 4870 1 gig version

my previous card was 9800gt

when i was using my 9800gt i in some games had an option to take antialising to above 8x..but with this card the max is 8x..split second and blur look very bad as if i were playing on 800x600...

but the real issue is not that

the problem is with crysis and badcompany 2 when i turn on dorectx 10 features the frame rate drop bellow 10...i am really scared pls help me is there some thing worong with my card the catayst version is 10.5
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  1. i heard many people complaining about catalyst 10.5 though most of them are HD5xxx series user. have you try older catalyst? btw if you're installing the older version it is better for you to make clean install for the driver
  2. Yup, try the older driver, sometime the older drivers are more stable than the latest one...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
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