New to servers, is this one dead or what?

I have worked on computers for a long time now, including building the one that i am currently using. I bought a server recently which is still under warranty but i am having trouble with it.

It is a IBM eserver xseries 366- beautiful machine. (a bit loud though lol)

Anyway i do the regular stuff that i would do with any computer. I plug in a monitor and a PS/2 mouse. as well as two power chords for each PSU. Now i should also tell you that it does not have any hard drives yet, i have ordered them, but so far i am testing it without them. Basically i can push the button and it seems to turn on pretty good. By "pretty good" i mean all of the fans turn on, green numbers appear on the I/O card, green lights on a few bards, etc.

The problem is that nothing ever shows up on the monitor.

After about 30 seconds i get two beeps (which i looked up and it just means "hardware has changed" or something. I also get a blinking orange LED in the back that means "RSA2 slimline error", which is some Add-in card that allows remote management or something. However even if i remove this add in i still get the problem. (not the blinking LED, that goes off, but still nothing shows on the screen) In either case, i also get a Led on the light path diagnostics that says "NONRED" which means that it is taking more power then one supply can provide, which makes no sense to me, as i have not installed any options.

Are servers incapable of booting from CD? shouldent i at least see something on the screen?

please tell me is this is a very bad error or just me being stupid, as i would rather not return it if i do not have to.
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  1. You should see something on the screen.

    However, you said that you can return it. This tells me it is under warranty and therefore if you contact IBM, they should take you through resolving your issue.
  2. i have just tried IBM and they said the warranty expired, so the "warranty" that the seller was talking about must only be from their company..or something...

    Anyway even though i have left a email and phone message to them recently, i am betting that communities like this can help me more then random tech support people. That seems to be how it always has been.

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