E-sata - where to plug on the mobotherboard ?


Im currently trying to built a computer for the first time... My case is the HAF 922 and my motherboard the Asus P7P55D-E Pro.

1) I have two E-sata cables that I need to plug into my motherboard; but where is right to plug them ?

My motherboard has :
- 6 regular Sata connectors (3 Gb/s)
- 3 Sata connectors (6 Gb/s)
- 1 JMicron JMB363 Sata connector

All of them have the hot-plug feature - AHCI mode

I was thinking about plugging the E-Sata coming from my back pannel module into the JMicron. And plugging the E-Sata coming from my front case pannel into a regular Sata connector. Would that be OK ?

2) Also, on a side note, if im NOT using two graphic cards, do I need to use the SLI bridge connector ?

A big thanks for any help !
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  1. 1) I would plug both eSATA connectors into one of your regular 6 SATA connectors, unless needed for hard drives and DVD players. As you stated, you want to run in in AHCI mode.

    2) If not running dual cards, you don't need to connect the SLI bridge. Just keep it in case you decided to run your card in SLI.
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