Hey everybody, I've been trying to get my Palit HD 4850 Sonic Edition with 1GB VRAM to use DXVA on Media Player Classic - Home Cinema. I've tried everything - performing clean uninstalls on drivers [clearing them off the registry and removing left over files using Driver Sweeper] and reinstalling them to no avail. I've used the DXVA Checker and it keeps showing me nothing. I've configured MPC-HC properly and check the filters only to see that DXVA is not being utilized. I've already installed AVIVO codecs. This is getting a bit frustrating, considering that my PC can't decode 1080p videos smoothly since its CPU is a budget AMD 64 x2 5000+ [Brisbane, so it can't unlock to quad >.<]

Pics of what exactly the DXVA Checker shows are below - it isn't a comforting site. =\

If anyone can help me out, I'd really, really appreciate it.

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    This tutorial may help, I haven't had to use it myself as I have a 9500GT and DXVA just works if you use an Nvidia card, apparently. [:mousemonkey]
  2. Thanks for that, mousemonkey. Based off that tut, since I'm still stuck on XP, does this mean I can expect no DXVA on .mkv files and only accelerated videos on Blu-Ray discs? >.<
  3. It does look like it's time to start thinking about getting a new OS doesn't it?
  4. Well, my dad's really not up to spending for a new OS. =\ Oh, the woes of not having your own cash flow. Anyways, thanks for the help mousemonkey!

    Question answered. =)
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  6. YVW, and thank you for selecting "best answer" even though there were no others, most people don't bother and whilst I'm not here to compete for them some people are it seems.
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