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hey i got a haf 922 mid tower case, it currently cooled with all air, stock fans.

200mm x2 one exhaust on intake
120mm exhaust
and the 90mm fan i think on my GPU and the CPU fan.

would sealing all possible holes in the case with silicon and or duct tape increase air flow and pressure and reduce the heat inside teh case? just wondering cause i wouldn't mind spending 45 minutes to drop a few degree's
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  1. Sounds like a good Idea but I dont know how much it would help if any at all. If you do it post before and after results.
  2. ofc i will ill bench my current temps now and let you guys see the difference.
  3. It is something you would have to try because it may have a negative effect on the air flow and pressure resulting in decrease cooling capabilities.

    What are your current temps for your system? One quick recommendation would be to move up to a push-pull 120mm fan HSF setup for your CPU, which will help will cooling. Also, if you have the money, you can't go wrong with water cooling if temps are truly a concern... just don't buy an all-n-one system... IMO
  4. system specs:

    gigabyte 890GPA, am3 board
    phenom x4 965 BE 3.4ghz stock cooler
    G.skill 1333mhz RAM
    vapor-x 5870 running at 8javascript:%20void(0);90/1290
    corsair 950w
    haf 922

    ambient room temp: 26C/76F

    Before mod: IDLE
    CPU: 40c/100F

    CPU fan: auto
    GPU: 40% (cant hear it)

    After Mod: IDLE
    CPU: 44C/111F
    GPU: 42C/107F

    same fans settings

    some pics of the mod

    teh basic idea was to keep air pressure inside and increase air flow for some reason this has backfired and i think its just keeping hot air inside, overall +4C temps not worth it atleast we know =)
  5. Idle temps dont tell you much, put it underload and see what it gets up to. Because there isnt a ton of power being used at idle and fans are at low speeds slight differences in usage can cause temperature to fluctuate a few C pretty easily, at load though its much more consistent and what really counts.
  6. You can always replace your stock fans with higher RPM fans. I recently replaced my stock Lian-Li case fans with two Enermax Magmas for intake and a single Noctua NF-P12 (exhaust) and lowered 5C overall. Not bad.
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    I'd say its a groovy idea, however its also one you cant really half do,

    if you start sealing up your case you are trapping heat inside the case and the only exit it has is the routes you provide, as you saw your temps increased after sealing the mesh up, if you seal your case up tight you should (Imo) make sure your exhaust fans are up to the job and that you have enough of them.
    great to see someone attempting and logging the idea though :)
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  9. Thank you for B.A., I hope your getting on well with it mate :)
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