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Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.

Im building my first rig here. Im going to be loading win7 64 with I7 3770k on an ASUS P8Z77-V-Pro... Main usage will be gaming, and picture editing/storage.

I just purchased the Samsung 830, 128gb for OS, and basic apps, However I have a close family friend at Intel who is sending me an Intel Cherryville 520, 480gb SSD as well for free because she loves me (haha)

Question is, do I go ahead and load the OS as stated above, and just add the cherryville ssd when it arrives as a standalone storage drive for pictures and movies? Or wait for the intel drive to arrive, then do my build loading the OS and apps on the larger intel drive? Pros and cons of either set up?

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  1. most mb have two 6g sata ports. myself if the ssd the smaller one is under 30 days old i send it back for a refund and pick up a new hard drive. or send it back and use the money for a better video card.
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    Install os onto the samsung then add the cherryville when it arrives.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Install os onto the samsung then add the cherryville when it arrives.
  4. Concur with above two posts.

    1) Have two systems:
    A) Desktop. OS + Programs on 128 Gig 830, and a 256 gig 830 for my most used Files.
    B) laptop. OS + Programs on 128 Gig M4, and a 256 gig M4 For my most used Files.

    2) Both systems. My OS (win 7 64 bit) + programs only take about 35 gigs. NO Games (not a gamer), But this would still leave about 65 Gigs for Games and additional Apps.
    .. One big advantage of this is that I can use Win 7 back up to create an image of the entire SSD. and re-install on a "New" SSD" very easily.
    .. With a larger SSD (ie your 480 gig, If used as a OS + Program drive you should partition it into an OS + Program drive and a D for your most used files (But could go larger than 128 gig for C.
    .. The Samsung 830 would probably be a little faster than the Intel 520, However may not notice diff in real life. The Intel 520 uses a SF22xx controller which means that working with large data structures it may be faster than the 830 if the Files are readily compressable, meaning it may be better as the storage drive - Again not sure if you would see the diff in real life
  5. 128GB should be sufficient to store your OS and program files until you start adding games. Use the 480GB for your scratch disk in CS and possibly store any songs you're working on. Additionally, you'll want a large HDD to store your finished media - 1.5TB should be sufficient.

    That's my solution suggestion
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