Ssd possible in Intel SR1560 server

Hello everybody,

I am a mechanical engineering student, with not a lot of hardware and software experiance.
Yesterday ordered a used dual quad system, for running CFD simulations.

I am interested to know if i can put 1 or 2 ssd hard drives? and can i put them in a raid 1 or 0 config?

Do i need to know something about the sata controller or raid controller? to see if its supports ssd?

Maybe its really a silly question, because i dont see a lot of people asking it, but since the motherboard and processors are from 2007 i thought it could be a relevant issue.
(Although old i think its still quite powerfull (Intel SR1560 with 2 x 3GHz QuadCore Xeon cpus and 16 GB RAM ) for the price that i payed.)

according to the specs it has intel embeded Raid. if i check there fore something with ssd i dont find anything. Does that mean no support?

Thank you for any helpfull information in advance.

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  1. you dont put ssd in raid right now do to losing trim funtion on the ssd. with the older chipset an ssd may run without issue if it a good ssd like intel or the 830. it wont run on 6g mode but it will be faster then standard hard drive.
  2. Thanks for the reply. but "may run" could be quite an expensive experiment. I would like to know what i have to check to be sure that it works? I understand that a physical test is the best, but i would like to know what specifications there are to check? if it doesnt work is it then only a matter, of a software update trought the bios of some sata or raid driver? or do i have to buy other hardware?

    In the case the harddisk is compatible with older chipsets, what is the component that is restricting the speed? and how could i upgrade it? or do i have to get a whole new mainboard etc. ?

    Thanks for any help.
    if that the mb with 775 chipset then to get the ssd to run at 6g speed you need to use a good 3 party sata card or sas card.
    if there the slot and room for one.
  4. The problem was that i was confused since its a SR1560SF in the specs but this is a server system and no tech doc was available. But i guess you are right and they put a S5400SF Board in there, with the specs you linked. so 3g is supported.
    Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi smorizio, thanks for the reply.
    I got the hardware and decided to buy the ssd, a little one the 830 64GB.
    I opened the server and there is not a lot space, i found 1 only 1 pci slot.
    but ok, i think another sata card is a bit to complicated and maybe also expensive for me. There are still some other problems, such that the system doesnt have a DVD and doesnt boot from usb, so im having some problems installing the programs. but ok i will try to find a way.
    but thinking ahead, i am still not very sure what is the best way to set up my system. a raid 0 for the 2 satas and using the SSD as a swap partition?
    There for i opened a new tread, if you have some time and ideas about it please write your oppinion. Tonight i will try to use the SSD and see if its recognized, will write a reply tomorow.

    Thanks and ciao,
    (link to new tread)
  6. It worked
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