Problems Installing win xp pro over win 98 on gx240

I have three Dell GX240 desktop conputers, without HDD, which I have just purchased. From ebay, i also purchase some IDE hard drives, 40gb) which I installed in them and experiencing problems with installing XP PRo.

1) I have changes boot sequence to cd drive, then hdd. When i tried to install xp it will initalize and then ask to press any key to boot from cd. I pressed a key and it takes me to the Dos prompt ( c:\>_ ).

2) I tried to boot from cd by using F12 key. After choosing the the cd drive it takes me to the DOS promt as above and freezes.

What should I try next?
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  1. This is interesting. Is this a windows XP Pro cd that you purchased yourself? I assume it's not just the backup disks the OEM packaged with your computer.
  2. Did you get those XP Pro CDs from eBay too? If so, they may just be fake, and bad fakes at that.
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