New PSU Required?

I just finished putting together an upgrade on my desktop computer at home. I installed a Intel i5-650 onto a Asus P7P55D PRO. I also put in new 4 GB DDR 3 RAM and a EVGA GTX 460 Graphics Card. I kept my previous X-Fi SoundBlaser SoundCard, NetGear wireless adapter, 2 250 GB SATA hard drives, and my DVD drive. I currently have a 550W Antec PSU, but I feel that this may no longer be adequate for my new upgrades.

I first found the error when I turned the computer on and started trying to use my wireless that could find networks but could not connect to one. I searched around for problems others had relating to this and found that most occurred because of the PSU. I pulled out my new graphics card for my old 8800GT and can connect just fine to the internet. Any suggestions on the subject would be great!

Thanks a lot.

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  1. I would upgrade to the Corsiar CMPSU-650TX 650W PSU, which is plenty powerful enough for your setup!!

    I question why your Antec 550W would not be able to handle your set, as it should be powerful enough. What model number is it or how old, which could play a factor.
  2. It's probably about 5 years old now, which is why I have felt that it may be the component to blame

    The PSU specifically is the Antec TPII-550,

    Going to go to my local electronic store tonight to ask them about their thoughts on the issue.
  3. At five years old, I would have to agree the PSU lost some of it's juice, so it might not be up to the task. I think you are on the right track for a replacement PSU. I'll be interested to hear the feedback from the electronic store on their thoughts.
  4. Thank you very much for the quick response and I will update this thread once I get back from the electronic store. It just confused me that my PSU could handle running SLI'd 8800GT's, but could not handle the new setup with the GTX 460 until I realized that the GTX increased the total wattage needed by about 60 according to Thermaltake's power supply calculator.
  5. Well oddly enough that solved the problem. I upgraded to a 650W Antec power supply and everything works as intended! Thanks for all your help
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