Intel 180gb ssd 520 usable space

I just installed intel 180gb ssd 520.
my windows xp profesional (install sp0, now sp3) sees only 130GB of the disk.

What is going on? where has the 50GB gone? can I get it back? Please advice!

I think ssd uses some diskspace to handle trafic. 50GB seems excessive to this.
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  1. id guess 10-15 of that is W XP and the ~35-40gb is the swap of binary to decimal
  2. total disk (as seen in bios) 180GB
    total disk as seen in partition section of install 129.97GB (=131700 MB shown by partition program == 50GB lost) .. so the translation from 1024 to 1k is not the culprint..

    130GB is the space BEFORE installation of windows so windows is not the culprint for this loss..
  3. Theres an address limitation in some versions of XP - go to the next service pack. It's right around 130GB.

    EDIT: Windows Update FTW
  4. Ok, that was the trick! Thank you for pointing it out!

    I had not doublechecked the size of partition I could create after installing windows (installcd was XP-sp0) and updating servicepacks. Now with sp3 installed it allowed me to create a new partition of 133,4GB (C: 34GB E:133,4 total ~167,5GB )

    Problem solved, Thank you Someone.
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