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Hello, Please help!
I'm using Win XP SP3, 2 weeks ago my PC sudden stopped connect to the server in the LAN (office server). it appeared with the error: Error loading C:\Documents & Settings\...\Application Data\stfqfhq.dll

I have searched but found nothing on the internet about this problem.
Right now I can not access to my local network to get and share data; but still connects to the internet.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. In the past when I had that kind of issue I would copy the named file from another computer and add it to the correct folder on the problem machine.

    Worth a try but I've a feeling Microsoft have done something like protect files like dll (at least when they are in use). So you may have a problem replacing the existing faulty file.

    If so, try booting into Safe Mode with Command Prompt (press F8 before Windows starts) and do it that way.

    Also, from the location I would guess the dll has been installed with an application. If you can identify which, uninstall the program and reinstall it.
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