Restore files and settings after reinstall Windows 7; ownership?

I recently had to re-install Windows 7 Home Premium due to upgrading my motherboard, CPU, and memory. I previously had 32-bit, but this time I installed 64-bit. I did this using my retail upgrade DVD and performing a clean install. My files sits on a separate partition (D), so they remained intact after the re-install (but I backed them up anyway). Am I right in thinking that all I have to do is redirect the Location for My Documents, My Pictures, etc.? The reason I'm confused is I came across this post at I also came to realize that all of my files are owned by an unknown user which is some long string of characters beginning with S-1-5-21. I suspect that was because I forgot something when migrating my files after my previous upgrade from XP. How can I correct this for all my files without having to change the ownership for each one?

I guess these are silly questions, but my head is spinning and I'm hoping you kind folk can put it back on straight.
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  1. Ohhhk, so...

    I think if the HDD is under a MBR format.. you should be able to remove it and connect it to another unit as an external device, and you should then be able to retrieve all data... (Or the data on the separate partition) in your case, and then run that HDD back up on your normal computer.. then all you have to do is transfer the data you just backed up onto the computer you want..

    Connecting the HDD as a separate device should pick up all the data on that HDD, But sometimes if you have a separate partition with data and you load a OS on that same HDD it can see that partition as a threat ect... and therefore wont use/pick up that data...

    However if you can see this partition in the device manager... you may just have to assign that partition a drive letter as the OS you loaded on may have stolen that driver letter and therefore making that partition and data un reachable.. to re assign a drive letter so you can use the partition look here:

  2. :ouch:
    Wow, I'm not sure I follow. Did I fail to mention that I actually have no problem accessing my files?
  3. 1) You have to change the ownership. Its a pain but there is no way around it. Youc na do it entire folders at once, but you will ahve to let it process the change on each file. I assume you've found how to do this (properties->security->owner tab).

    2) I wouldn't redirect, I'd change the ownership and move the files to the default location. Its not worth the hastle if you are going to leave it local (i.e. not a network drive).
  4. :s
  5. One of the reasons never to let windows decide where ya stuff goes. Suggest going forward that you drop the "My Stuff" folders and save to:

    Using engineer's HD for example:

    D:\CAD Drawings
    D:\Job Specs
    D:\Contract Boilerplate
    D:\Codes and Standards
  6. Yum.. I love Cad issues :)
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