How much better are Phenom prossecors than Athlon?

I know that the Phenom CPUs have L3 cache and Athlon CPUs only L2 cache, but does the Phenom's L3 cache make them much better?
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  1. I dont get it wher does it say how much better a Phenom is than and Athlon?
  2. So basicaly the Athlons dont even compare? On one of the sites it said that the AMD Athlon II X3 425 is a quad and you can unlock the 4th core. Is there a 4th core on the Athlon II X3 440 and if so how do i unlock it?
  3. All X3's are quad-cores with a core disabled. Usually, they are re-enabled through the motherboard BIOS. Just be cautious, cause they're usually disable for a reason.
  4. So how do I enable the 4th core and if I do will it do damage?
  5. X3's are X4's with a disabled core, most of the time there is a reason for it. It will not damage anything but can create issues like instability if bad. There is a option in BIOS on the motherboard if the board is able to unlock the core.
  6. So what would the option in the BIOS be called and if it was unstable it would do no damage and i could change it back. right?
  7. I have a AMD Athlon II X3 440 but even tho it says X3 it is really an X4 with a the 4th core locked. I am trying to figure out how to unlock the 4th core.
    I couldn't find it on youtube.
  8. I have a biostar mcp6p m2+
  9. So there is no possible way I can unlock the 4th core even if I upgrade the BOIS?
  10. It looks like it performs on par with the other X4 series CPUs. So it doesnt really matter if i unlock it right?
  11. I looked at my Athlon II X3 440 vs. a Q6600 in Crysis benchmarks and the they perform on par. The Q6600 is recemended on gta IV and bfbc2 which are the most demanding games out so im happy. :D But let me get this straight there is absoulutly no way for me to unlock the 4th core?
  12. Alright looks like no 4th core for me. :cry: But my tri-core is still a great core, so im happy. :D
  13. HostileDonut said:
    I couldn't find it on youtube.

    Social commentary in a can.
  14. Quote:
    next time just get to the point.
    and stop crying...

    It was a joke if you couldn't see that. :pfff:
  15. What back and forreth questions?! I asked and declared... :fou:
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