A gateway gaming computer. Help.

First, thanks a bunch for taking the time to help me out if you do so.

Okay, so my question concerns the Gateway DX4831-07 PT.GAJ02.027 Desktop Gaming PC. (Specs below)
I've been looking around for a while for a good prebuilt gaming rig, but I can't bring myself to buy from Cyberpower or Ibuypower because of atrocious customer support stories. And yes, I know building yourself is the way to go costwise, but I have neither the time or experience to do so. So I found this little Gateway rig on Tigerdirect.com. I known 8gb RAM looks good at face value, but I don't know all about the technical "sub-parts" of the hardware. I also know that the 5770 isn't the best card in existence but I'm willing to go with it if I can do the following on this machine,

Run games like Fallout 3, The Witcher, Crysis, Modern Warfare 2, etc. on highest settings on 21.5" monitor 1920x1080 I think (Dont really need AA I suppose.)
So my question is, with the rig specs that I'm about to copy+paste, will I be able to run the above games at around 30-40FPS?

Memory Size: 4 x 2048MB
Total Memory: 8.0GB
Memory Speed: DDR3 1333 (PC-10600)

Graphics Description: PCI-Express x16 Graphics Card
GPU/VPU: ATI Radeon HD 5750 Graphics
Video Memory: 1GB dedicated

Processor Brand: Intel
Processor Class: Core i5
Processor Number: 750
Processor Speed: 2.66GHz
Processor Interface: LGA 1156

Here's a link to its specs from Tiger Direct.

Also, do you think this rig will be outdated/playing games on low 2 years from now?
Anything prebuilt thats better than this for around 900 bucks? (That wont be DOA)

Thanks so much!
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  1. Real fast, thats supposed to be a 5770, not 5750. Everyone who reviewed it got the 5770 on tigerdirect. So IM assuming thats what Ill get. I might be wrong, but probably not.

    Pretend that says 5770.
  2. Looks like a good solid rig. The 5770 is a pretty good card with GDDR5 and directX11, so it should have plenty of power for your games!
  3. +1 GO ahead
  4. I wouldn't buy it for a few reasons.

    1) Where are the power supply details, all it tells you is that the power supply is 450W, no info on how many amps it has or what make or model it is, A good 450W PSU would be able to power that rig, but I doubt very much that its a quality PSU.

    2) If your buying it for gaming, which I gather you are then I would build your own, that way you know all the components are quality, also you don't need 8GB of RAM, 4GB would be plenty, I can't see any intake fans at all, only 1 exhaust fan, looks like a complete nightmare..... Even the cable management is crap.

    I think it'll either die because the PSU is absolute rubbish, or overheat because of lack of airflow.
  5. Well, HD5750 is good for that prebuild PC..
    But i doubt it would play crysis with high setting on 1920x1080.

    Why you don't build yourself for this PC? It will cost you cheaper...
    Don't have time? If you had time for playing games then why not for build machine? :)
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